So You’re Going to Be a Dad

So you’re going to be a dad.  If you’re like me when my first was on the way, you’re scared as hell. You wonder if you can handle a helpless infant without causing some sort of bodily injury. You wonder how you could raise a little person when you’re still trying to figure out life […]

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Babies Need Daddies

Have you heard a new father say: “There’s really nothing for me to do while he’s a baby. My wife pretty much takes care of everything. I’ll get more involved when he’s older”? I’ve heard it quite a few times. It’s not true. Your baby needs you now. Not just in a few years when […]

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Why Blog About Fatherhood?

Why blog about fatherhood? Firstly — for myself. And my family. By writing about what I’ve learned, I’m more likely to actually remember and internalize those lessons. Otherwise I’d probably forget. Secondly — for new dads. Or not-so-new dads who just need a little help now and then. We don’t have a culture that hands […]

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