Why Blog About Fatherhood?

Why blog about fatherhood?

Firstly — for myself. And my family. By writing about what I’ve learned, I’m more likely to actually remember and internalize those lessons. Otherwise I’d probably forget.

Secondly — for new dads. Or not-so-new dads who just need a little help now and then.

We don’t have a culture that hands down a rich tradition of fatherhood. We’re all just out here figuring it out as best we can. And most of the fatherly examples out there are, frankly, pretty bad.

But there is a lot of wisdom from the past we can learn from. There is also a lot to learn from modern research. My goal is to present the best material from age-old wisdom, common sense, and modern insights.

I am not the model dad. Like the title of this site says, I’m “okay.” But I have been lucky enought to have had some good fatherly examples in my life and to stumble upon some great advice.

So if you are new dad, please benefit from my stumbling and searching. Being a dad is hard. And the job is too important to wing it and hope things work out. Let’s help each other out.

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